Risks and Safety


Risks and Safety Procedure – In the United States, there are many successful liposuctions each year. These procedures avail no challenges and go seamlessly without unforeseen problems. This straightforward, minimally-invasive procedure produces some incredible results, bringing joy and newfound confidence to a large number of individuals, regardless or gender. The body is the most complex of creation, and any human activity aimed at modifying or adjusting its aesthetics bears some Risks and Safety steps. However, our doctors ensure your safety by forecasting potential hurdles and providing solutions beforehand. This proactive approach makes it safer for you, and you can sit in quiet confidence as we help you realize your dream body.

Risks and Safety

These are the main risks, to which we have precautions and remedies in place.

Risks and Safety For Following –


Any medical procedure necessitating the creation of openings remains likely to result in mild bleeding, during or after surgery. However, increased bleeding is uncommon and may warrant a return visit to our clinic for correction. As a precaution, you are advised to stay off medication that may increase bleeding such as Aspirin, as well as NSAIDs like Motrin, Aleve, or Advil in the ten days before your procedure. Herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins have a similar effect and should remain off the table as well. This critical directive comes in the discussions with your doctor before the actual liposuction.


Though very uncommon, a mild infection may occur. The symptoms include:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Oozing incisions

Antibiotics offer a simple resolution, and your doctor readily gives a prescription. On most occasions, we provide a compression garment depending on the area under treatment. This cover ensures protection and hygiene as your contours set. To avoid infection, stay in a clean environment and keep your protective cover on for the period prescribed by your physician.


On some few occasions, you may feel numbness on the treated area. However, the numbness goes away after some time. After surgery, the anesthetic used may linger for a short while, among other factors, causing that prolonged effect. However, this remains a temporary issue and normalcy resumes before long. Loss of feeling in some areas may be a concern to a few people, but you can rest assured that this feeling only comes about in the recovery phase when rest is necessary for proper healing, so have no fear. A reasonable amount of movement aids blood flow and quickly remedies numbness.


There is minor swelling in the treated region after surgery. However, on rare occasions, some patients may experience persistent and progressive swelling during recovery. Compression garments play a crucial role in keeping any form of inflammation in check. An alternative solution is having post-operative massages, helping relax your muscles for more comfort as your body heals. It is vital that you take caution when applying pressure to the treated region, as the body is sensitive and excessive force may undo stitches or bring about additional discomfort. These simple solutions reduce swelling and avoid progression of the same.


Liposuction involves the making of incisions in carefully marked spots in the area under treatment. These minuscule openings typically heal and close over time, with tiny scars that disappear over time. However, in some rare situations, the small marks persist. In anticipation for such a scenario, innovative approaches involve making incisions in areas that remain typically covered such as the inner thigh or groin area if one is having a procedure on the upper leg. Even with tiny scars, it is easy to conceal and wait out as most of these markings disappear over time.


By definition, necrosis is the death of skin or fat tissue. This phenomenon is common when patients smoke right before or right after the procedure. Tissue death is a direct result of infection and may come about due to steroid use. The onset of necrosis necessitates an additional surgical procedure. The simple solution is to avoid smokes for the period before and immediately after your surgery, and you’ll do just fine. This problem is entirely avoidable, and with proper adherence to the doctor’s instructions before and following surgery, some complications remain avoidable.

Deformities and Irregularities

Diminished elasticity will in some infrequent occasions result in an indentation of the treated area. This occurrence necessitates corrective surgery. Removal of fat in an area results in shrinkage, and with natural factors such as diminished skin elasticity, there may be minor, unforeseen loss of shape in the region. Before the actual liposuction, doctors take a variety of test in anticipation of any similar issues and make the necessary preventive measure. It is crucial to take pre-emptive steps to anticipate and resolve problems of this nature. Where the issue remains genuinely concealed until after surgery, a corrective procedure easily remedies this minor complication.

Anesthesia-related Risks and Safety

We prefer AwakeLipo to general anesthesia. This preference stems from its significantly better overall safety. With the administration of AwakeLipo, the light sedation results in local anesthesia which causes numbing of the area under treatment. This step facilitates the use of a numbing agent in the select region, Lidocaine. This thoughtful approach ensures that you remain awake during the procedure. The localized numbness means that you enjoy considerable comfort as the surgery progresses without any problems. Staying awake during operation is a significantly safer approach, compared to general anesthesia that leaves you unconscious.

Muscle Spasms Risks and Safety

A significant number of patients experience muscle spasms after liposuction. These spasms occur in the treated areas, and their intensity progressively reduces over time as you heal. Gentle massages in the affected regions bring fast relief to this minor issue. Spasms are a fleeting challenge, one that should not be a cause for concern, and easily rectifiable right in the comfort of your home — no doctors or medication necessary.

Our doctors are among the very best in at Tampa Liposuction and anticipate potential issues or complications that are a likely occurrence after surgery. During the consultation, we gather as much information as possible about your medical history and tailor a solution bound to bring the best results for your unique case. In the discussion before surgery, we offer crucial insights regarding the best approach and care for your end for a flawless experience.

All cases are unique owing to genetic variations as well as patient preference and the number of areas under treatment. These factors bring about a difference in the costs involved as well as the projected recovery periods. We take time to understand and formulate the best cosmetic solutions for you as you work towards achieving the perfect body. Any risk remains a minimal concern, with our skilled personnel able to anticipate and enact procedures that ensure your overall safety and sound health throughout the process.