Recovery from Surgery

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After your initial research about your desired procedure comes to a close, more and more crucial information comes about. However, perfect results remain dependent not only on your doctor’s competence but also on your input throughout the process. Liposuction remains the most effective solution for the removal of stubborn fat pockets that accumulate in some inconvenient places around your body. Deciding to adopt this approach avails the unique opportunity to achieve that toned look within a short time with a very high chance of success. After a successful procedure at our Tampa clinic, we give you the critical information relevant for the surgery recovery period.

Useful Tips during Surgery Recovery

That flawless, sculpted look is a result of careful management of the process in and out of the clinic. These are some of the crucial bits of information you need for overall success with the procedure:

  1. At your last sit-down with the doctor before surgery, get as much information as possible about the recovery period. Take necessary notes. If you attend the session with a spouse, close friend or family member, they can also remain attentive and note some of the essential facts discussed at this point.
  2. In the ten days before surgery, avoid aspirin as well as anti-inflammatory medication like Advil, Aleve, Motrin, or any NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that’s likely to lead to increased bleeding. You should also avoid herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins as they have a similar effect.
  3. Avoid alcohol and stop smoking in the days before your procedure.
  4. Remember to keep your skin as clean and fresh as possible, staying off makeup, nail polish, jewelry, or lotions.
  5. Alert your doctor of any skin complications or infections in your respiratory or digestive systems. Such problems are key health indicators that need resolution before a successful procedure.
  6. It is important to have someone accompany you to the hospital for your last consultation, the actual surgery, and during the first 24 to 48 hours after liposuction.


During the discussions with your doctor before surgery, you get vital information such as the amount of rest time necessary for proper recovery. It is crucial that you take steps to clear your schedule for the projected surgery recovery period, giving you a chance to kick back and heal in peace. Where necessary, delegate specific tasks. With sufficient rest time, you don’t risk ripping your stitches or engaging in exerting activity that’s likely to interfere with the effectiveness of the process.

Keenly Observe the Doctor’s Instructions

It pays to remember that the doctor’s recommendation about the necessary time is the most accurate guideline. Different people recover at different rates. The time needed for proper surgery recovery from liposuction also depends on the areas under treatment, with multiple regions typically requiring a slightly more extended recovery period. Complexity is also a factor, with complex procedures demanding enough rest for best results. Remember to prepare your rest area with the necessary covers such as bedding, pillows, and a comfortable mattress.  

After liposuction, you will need a compression garment and it can be purchased at the center. With this protective cover, remember to keenly observe the doctor’s instructions regarding the timeline and manner of use. This crucial garment keeps the body safe from dirt or any form of interference as it heals. Don’t rush to remove or move it around. In case of minor discomfort, consult your doctor. Our doctors are among the best in Tampa, so you are indeed in safe hands. For the perfect body, trust our input as you seek that ideal body. The use of additional compression garments and antibiotics may attract extra charges, so remember to consult the doctor about this.

Rest Enough during Surgery Recovery

Liposuction demands close observation the recommended periods of rest with close monitoring of the level of physical activity. Unnecessary strain during recovery increases the chance of delayed healing and the occurrence of unforeseen complications. It is therefore of crucial importance that immediately after surgery, you only engage in light activity. In some scenarios, you are encouraged to maintain a certain level of activity through walking. You can take brief walks on some of the scenic beaches across Tampa, remaining keen not to strain your system too much. As healing progresses, you may resume the more exerting tasks.


The removal of that stubborn extra padding gives you a new lease of life. You can now enjoy each beautiful moment that life brings, take part in all fun activity, and pretty much wear the stunning bits of clothing that catch your eye without the fear of an ill fit. You no longer feel self-conscious about your looks, with the diminished self-image that forced you to keep to yourself wholly revitalized. This newfound freedom gives you the opportunity to create lasting memories by taking trips, participating in events, and freely posing for photos with your loved ones.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Liposuction gets rid of extra fat, but you still have to take relevant measures to avoid the accumulation of extra padding after the procedure. You still have to make healthy choices when choosing what to eat and maintain an active lifestyle that avoids future weight gain. If you didn’t already have an existing gym membership, get one. Alternatively, get jogging, and run along the scenic routes around Tampa. When it comes to food, avoid regular intake of fatty, unhealthy foods. It is essential to maintain that chiseled, toned, physique you desired. If there is no future weight gain, the look becomes yours permanently.

At our Tampa clinic, we help you get that dream body in a warm, friendly environment. We have the best doctors, qualified, competent, and vastly experienced. The trick to perfect results is doing your part in ensuring that you get enough rest. Remember the doctor’s directives regarding the dos and don’ts in the course of surgery recovery from liposuction.

Proper healing is just as important as the performance of the straightforward procedure by our physicians. We give you the very best in cosmetic augmentations, helping you achieve your dream look.