Vaser Liposuction Tampa


Vaser Liposuction – The desire for a perfect body pretty much dictates what we eat, how we exercise, and the general lifestyles we lead. The body tends to accumulate adipose tissue or extra fat in some of the most inconvenient places, offsetting the balance in our natural forms. As a result, other aspects of our lives feel the effect, such as our choice of clothes, which now have to accommodate our new shape without an awkward fit. Extra fat makes it impossible to wear certain clothes, particularly in scenarios where our skin remains bare such as your visits to a beach. Your trips to North Avenue, 12th Street, or Ohio Street coastlines become way more fun and memorable.

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The loss of proportion and symmetry in your form limits your participation in certain fun activities too, such as the carefree splashes at Waterworld. You simply can’t catch a break. A certain level of self-consciousness about your physical image sets the boundaries too close and you miss out on some of life’s best moments. Most people opt to exercise and eat right. However, this approach has its limitations, particularly the period it takes to see tangible results and the effort needed. Sometimes, sadly, the effort never bears the desired results as the areas of concern are remain unresponsive to dieting and regular exercise.

It is in scenarios where conventional means of body sculpting have failed that liposuction proves priceless, with simple procedures producing incredible results in an unbelievably short time. Vaser liposuction for instance, remains one of the most effective approaches, using ultrasonic energy for the reduction or elimination of unwanted fatty deposits in various parts of the body. In this non-invasive process, surrounding organs remain free of harm, and the session itself is straightforward, without discomfort. When the session at the clinic comes to an end, you need relatively short time for recovery, meaning that your daily schedule remains intact.

How Does Vaser Liposuction Work?

This non-invasive approach works hand in hand with Tumescent Liposuction. The first step in the procedure is to numb the area with the aid of local anesthesia – tumescent solution – which also loosens the fat. The Vaser device then goes in through minuscule openings on the skin to administer ultrasound waves. The high frequency sound energy breaks down fatty tissue, with the tumescent solution absorbing the now broken fat cells. At this stage, the doctor is in a position to easily suction the fat out of the body, exposing those toned, natural contours. The numbness due to local anesthesia ensures comfort throughout the process.


Ultrasound emitters on the Vaser cannula work with precision to deliver energy that shakes fat cells loose. The same high frequency energy facilitates skin tightening in the area as the probe goes to work on your subcutaneous layer. The tightening of skin ensures better, smoother contouring, with fewer uneven or bumpy planes. With less fat in specific spots and a procedure that facilitates skin tightening, there is better definition in your form and the results are incredible. Remember, liposuction or any other procedure that delivers a toned physique is not a substitute for a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle. You still need to eat healthy and remain active.

For best results, target patients have to be in relative good health, with a reasonable body weight. Your weight needs to be within 30 percent of your ideal height and weight ratio. With a range of body frames and genetic set ups, it is crucial that one harbors realistic expectations regarding what the procedure can deliver. The best candidates already have a reasonable level of fitness, and seek to achieve perfection through the elimination of fat pockets in some locations. During consultation, all factors come into consideration and you get crucial information regarding your suitability for the procedure.

After the procedure, you only need a few days’ rest, after which you can resume light duties with ease. The defined contouring remains as long as you don’t gain more weight in future. The sculpted look that comes after the procedure encourages many individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle in a bid to maintain the toned look.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of this procedure, but these are the main ones:

  1. This process produces quick results. A relatively brief session at the clinic easily gets rid of stubborn fat and gives definition to your body with minimal effort on your part. The procedure is completely safe, and our doctors are among the best in Tampa. We ensure that you get the desired look, one that may have been entirely unachievable through exercise, a healthy diet, or both.
  2. A better look boosts your self-esteem and increases your confidence. With a bolder personality, you go about your daily tasks with considerable comfort and assurance. This renewed drive subsequently improves your performance and you no longer miss out on fun activities due to anxiety stemming from that chubby look.
  3. You can dress without fear, and your wardrobe choices are no longer limited. Having fat pockets in inconvenient places will have you skipping some of the best outfits you come across in the store. However, with the fat gone, that confidence in your toned form makes your options limitless. You shop and dress with ease and confidence.
  4. After the procedure, you have a defined form. To maintain the look, you have to work to avoid future weight gain that may obscure this stunning look. As a result, you will have the motivation to eat better and exercise more for the amazing contours to remain. This shift in lifestyle choices in turn benefits you by facilitating a generally healthier, fitter body.


Vaser liposuction is one of the best options for relatively fit individuals. It brings out the best look, with incredibly fast results. Book a consultation with us here in Tampa, for an assessment for suitability of the procedure, costs, and other crucial details that may prove critical for your quest to the perfect body.